Hygienic & Sanitary Design

Attain hygienic & sanitary design excellence in your facility through teamwork among your team with Bogart Food Safety & Sanitation Associates, Inc. (BFSSA) solutions.

Our Hygienic & Sanitary Design approach prioritizes the efficient production of safe, quality food by ensuring that your equipment and facility can be thoroughly cleaned, minimizing the risk of product contamination, and promoting the durability of the equipment and/or facility.

To help ensure safer food production, BFSSA assists food processors in:

  • Enhancing plant layouts, hygienic zoning, and traffic flow optimization
  • Evaluating equipment designs for better cleanability and longevity

BFSSA's Hygienic & Sanitary Design consulting encompasses:

  • Equipment hygienic & sanitary design analysis and suggestions
  • Infrastructure hygienic & sanitary design review and assistance
  • Facility Zoning Plans to control environmental contaminants – Cronobacter, Salmonella, Listeria, E. coli
  • Comprehensive sanitation programs

Enhance your equipment or facility's hygienic design for safer food production with our industry-expert guidance.

At BFSSA, we are dedicated to helping our clients make distinctive, lasting, and substantial improvements in their food safety, sanitation, and quality programs.